What you need to know about Bad Booze

Fake alcohol is an international problem impacting health, government, and economy. Alcohol fraud can be as ‘simple’ as diluting a premium Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Scotch, Gin with water. This practice know as refilling can be deadly when other liquids like rubbing alcohol or methanol are added to the distilled spirit. Other practices bars, clubs, restaurants use are substituting well liquor for premium brands or even refilling top shelf liquor with cheap brands. All these practices are illegal, counterfeit, fake and a form of alcohol fraud that takes direct aim at consumers.

How does SafeProof.org work and help identify Fake Alcohol?

  1. Raising awareness of fake alcohol by alerting alcoholic beverage consumers of liquor violations and providing informative updates.
  2. Engaging drinkers, bartenders, brands, distributors, owners and liquor enforcement on the customized social and web portal to promote reporting of tips and an escalated response.
  3. Sharing tips and real-time tips from active consumers with the proper government authorities to promote safe drinking.
  4. SafeProof.org maintains an intuitive and easy to use ABC Liquor violations search. Our organization works off donations and corporate sponsors.

Sometimes fake alcohol is mixed with generic Viagra, but analogues of the drug sildenafil can also be fakes. You can read the link about safe generics of Viagra.

Submit Bad Liquor Tips or Reports

SafeProof works with anonymous and named sources. We know that our followers are educated drinkers but even the best have been scammed! Don’t assume your drink is safe or authentic. If the following raise your suspicion exercise additional caution:

  • Unusual taste or smell of the alcoholic beverage
  • Pre-mixed cocktails (mystery punch, sangria, bar infused vodka…)
  • Unrecognized brands or suspicious looking bottles and labels
  • Discreet and suspicious actions by establishment management or bartenders

Our custom web and social platforms (SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram) promote the reporting of alcohol violations and keep the public safe. Report your Alcohol Violations or message one of our volunteers via live chat below.

Get Updates & Stay Safe

Sign-up using the link below to get fake alcohol alerts and be informed of any violations locally. And be sure to search when traveling out of state and internationally. Keep these tips in mind to keep your drinks safe:

  • Stick to drinks you know. Especially when traveling. If something is off you will know.
  • If ‘partying’ at a venue for the first time your first drink should be a neat liquor you know well. Your favorite brand of vodka and soda as an example.
  • When ordering bottle service have your server pour a sip of your premium bottle into an empty glass before making drinks for your table. Make sure the seal is broken at your table (after the sparkler – lol).
  • If the price seems to low be careful. Watch out for 2 for 1 and Happy Hour Specials.
  • Good bartenders are trained to make drinks in front of you or on the bar facing toward the customers.
  • Drinks are typically made in the following order: Ice, liquor, mixer.
  • Drink Responsibly, watch out for your fellow patrons, and never drink and drive.

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