I bought two different perfumes from Gilt and both are fake!

If it’s a diamond necklace for only $50, it’s probably not diamond!

Product seems to be of inferior quality and will be returning it. Wheres my voucher? Bad news.

Hi there,

Every customer service representative had a different explanation on why it was taking so long.

i did not sin in, so i do not have a copy of the order. Returned an item because color looked nothing like pictured. More like three grams - maybe less.

I also noticed that the glasses were in a strange looking non-Dior plastic zippie bag and had a couple of staples in it.

I am not happy at all with them and will never buy from them ever again! Gilt CS Specialist.

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One told me my order would be shipped after the sale was over, another told me it takes 16 days to process the order & another said a month.

I will never shop on gilt ever again! I have been shopping on gilt for 5 years or more. That's a nonsensical, lazy response. If there is every any doubt or concern about this, we are happy to investigate on a case by case basis. And these pairs from Gilt feel cheap and light and much stiffer fur and the color is a little off too.

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Just know what you’re buying, know what to look for, and think reasonably! All our discounts are tailored to each member specifically and will be received to your email account that you have signed up with.

Stay away! I have purchased two large orders from Gilt. For 1/5 of that price you could go to a real school where you can actually get certified and not just handed a piece of paper (If you're lucky!). and it is taking sooooo long i have no idea if the order really was sent! Home » Page 7. Gilt received return 8-13-20 and they never refunded me payment.

30 mins time wasted. I have been a excellent customer and ordered many things from Gilt.

Look into it before you make that jump! After it was finally shipped, after numerous emails and two phone calls, the shipping label was so poorly attached it went in circles for over a week somewhere in missouri.

Never buying from Gilt again!

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Seems like robbery to me.

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Giltアプリをダウンロード! 0. They blocked the order amount twice, I received my order and was deducted the amount once, but another amount is blocked since 3 weeks now and they say we don't see this. These glasses were obviously not real.

The one I received last a few hours and doesn't even smell close to being real.

I've been emailing customer service for the last 5 days with no reply! Warm regards, I believe anything but clothing (and maybe accessories) is managed by third party vendors and thus subject to their availability which Gilt does not always seem to verify before posting for sale (based on my personal experience). member only.

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Hi Carly, Gucci item was delivered in styrofoam paper with no original packaging. Customer Service agent on Oct 12th says no record of any calls, emails or Live Chats prior to Oct 8th so I have to wait another 1-5 business days.

My order came... eventually... 6 weeks was a LONG time to wait for a couple of pairs of sunglasses.

I bought a pair of Dior sunglasses on here that were highly discounted.

Every time I e mailed them response was we will get back to you in 5 working days.

Their customer service is nonexistent. I strongly do not reccomend to use this fake horrible web.

Sixteen days had passed and I still didn't receive a tracking number. But they exceeded my expectations!

If possible, spend a few minutes comparison shopping using Google or something similar.