Jersey City, NJ – March 5, 2017

Increasing there are stories throughout the world of dodgy booze, spirituous liquor, fake alcohol, and counterfeit alcoholic beverages causing sickness and death. It is no longer a problem just in countries where liquor is hard to get, it has become a problem that permeates even the most progressive, industrialized nations. Headlines around the world in recent years such as, Dozens of Dead in Russia from Fake Vodka, Dozens in Hospital in Ireland from Fake Liquor, Deaths in Mumbai from Fake Whiskey, continue to spread.  Short of a chemical analysis of every drink, what steps can you take to protect yourself from drinking dodgy booze.

  • When buying bottles of alcoholic beverages, only buy from reputable retailers. Never buy a bargain on the street or at an unknown location. Buying liquor is a case of a bargain is most likely NOT a bargain. Because of tariffs and taxes, liquor prices have a narrow band, there are rarely bargain prices when buying liquor, if it’s too cheap to be good, it usually is no good.
  • No matter where you buy always start by examining the label. Even though counterfeit alcohol producers have become expert in replicating, bottling and purchasing, they do make mistakes.
  1. Check the label for bad spelling – an ignorant mistake that still happens in the rush to produce dodgy booze.
  2. Look at the label, is it put on the bottle properly, are there creases, rips, off center, even if one bottle on the shelf has a label problem, move on.
  3. Look at the cap, does in look old, bent, or cheap looking. Does it seem to be factory sealed. If it has a foil wrap, is it tightly on, are there any imperfections.
  4. Look for laser identifying marks and logo by the manufacturer.
  • After you purchase your bottle and open it, relay on your senses. Smell it, is the smell consistent with the name on the bottle. Does it smell like chemicals? Does it have a sweet smell?
  • The first drink should be a small sip. Let your taste buds react. Does it burn like a chemical, does it have a sweet after taste? Wait. Give time for your gastrointestinal reactions, burning, bad aftertastes, and sick feelings are all bad signs that the alcohol is tainted.
  • Check org for any reported liquor violations by the retailer.
  • REPORT any Liquor Violations to via Our Secure, anonymous reporting system.

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Drinking at a Public Bar, Nightclub or Resort

When you are served a drink, you are at the mercy of the server. Even when you see the bottle it is poured from, you don’t know what liquid was poured into your glass. Establishments serving alcohol are cited all the time for serving dodgy booze, fake vodka, counterfeit liquor in the name of extra profits. Mixed drinks are the easiest way for unscrupulous bars, pubs, nightclubs and resorts to hide counterfeit alcohol in your drink. Use your senses as your first line of defense when drinking at a public establishment.

With stories of blindness, kidney failure, and death being reported throughout the world because of the consumption of dodgy booze, it is imperative to use your senses when drinking alcoholic beverages.  It is easy to do, SMELL, SIP, and WAIT.

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