Report Fake Tainted Alcohol MexicoReport Counterfeit, Tainted, Fake Alcohol to SafeProof using this secure form. If you suspect that you, a friend or loved one has been exposed to fake alcohol at a bar, restaurant, hotel, casino, club or suspect you have seen a counterfeit bottle at a retail store submit the details below. mission is to raise fake, tainted and counterfeit alcohol awareness worldwide. Our goal is to keep you and your drinks safe. The information you provide will be anonymous unless you wish to be contacted. We will notify appropriate enforcement authorities and media. Once the violations have been verified or suspected they will appear on the Fake Alcohol Search and an alert will be sent


If you have any information relating the to Fake Alcohol in Cancun Mexico please also complete the form below. SafeProof will share the information with enforcement and media if you elect. It is important that illicit liquor crimes do not go under reported so we may prevent future public health damage and raise safety tainted alcohol awareness.

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