Dangkoa, Cambodia –  July 27,2017

The proceeds from two non-descript raids in early July resulted in the seizure of 915 cases of what Authorities termed as fake beer. The Deputy Chief of Interior Ministry’s Anti- Economic Crimes Department, Long Sreng announced that the 200 boxes of Corona Beer and 715 boxes of Budweiser Beer were the proceeds of police raids. According to Director Sreng, the raids were conducted after complaints were filed by Attwood Import Export and Import Company, the exclusive rights holder to distribute the brands in Cambodia.

Fake Budweiser and Corona beer destroyed
Fake Budweiser beer destroyed by enforcement

While no details of the raids were forthcoming, the Deputy Chief did say that the raids occurred at two locations. Two locations were raided in Phnom Penh and one location in Preah Sihanouk. Noting that no arrests were made in any of the raids because the complainant was only looking for compensation as a recourse for the fake beer distribution in Cambodia.

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Deputy Chief Srebg stated that “those beer violated copyrights”. And that the beer that they were destroying by bulldozer at a landfill in the Dangkoa District, “was imported from an unspecific manufacturer in China.

In late May Chinese Police raided a homemade Budweiser Beer Factory after a video of the unsanitary production facility in Guamgdong, China went viral. The video depicted workers filling recycled Budweiser Beer Cans by dipping them with ungloved hands in a dishpan of liquid that appeared to be beer. That underground factory was calculated to be producing 600,000 cases a month of fake Budweiser Beer after the Police raid. In this video of the fake Budweiser Beer factory in Guamgdong, China, the only brand mentioned or seen was Budweiser Beer. There was no mention of the Corona Beer during this Police Investigation.

If the Cambodian Deputy Director is correct in his assessment that the fake beer being destroyed originated in China, that points to another similar fake beer production facility manufacturing fake Corona Beer. So now along with fake Budweiser Beer, Fake Corona Beer is also on the radar as a potential massive counterfeit beer with the destruction of 200 cases by the Cambodian Officials.

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