March 7, 2017 – Shanghai, China

Police in Shanghai seized over 20,000 bottles of fake Carlo Rossi in a raid on a distribution warehouse that was blended in with legitimate food warehouses. The fake wine came to the attention of police during routine inspections of shops that sold wine. They were seizing bottles of Carlo Rossi that did not look right from shop after shop during their inspections. The suspicions were confirmed when tests came back that the contents were not Carlo Rossi. Samples were sent to the importers of Carlo Rossi and they also confirmed that the bottles were not authentic Carlo Rossi.

The break in the case came when they arrested the salesperson, surname Shi, who was running the wine to the shops. Through interrogation Shi led police to a warehouse where they discover 3000 cases with over 20,000 bottles of ready to sell fake Carlo Rossi.

Along with the confiscated fake Carlo Rossi, with an estimated value of $110,000, police arrested Mr. Chi. With the two suspects in custody police could piece together the extent of the enterprise, determining that it had been going on for years. Along with the ready to sell packaged bottles, police found, labels, and caps for future production.

Carlo Rossi was introduced in the US in 1974 by E.J Gallo Winery in California. The brand was introduced as an affordable every day wine for dinner. Carlo Rossi gained popularity in China in 1995 and has maintained its name recognition even while sales have slightly dipped. A case like this might be the reason that the authentic importers are reporting a dip in sales, the fake wine might be making uo the sales volume.

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