March 1, 2017 – London, England

The keen eyes of Whiskey Auction director Isabel Graham-Yooll led to a raid by the London’s Metropolitan Police on a residential property in pursuit of fake whiskey. Ms. Graham-Yooll’s suspicions were aroused when she noticed several bottles of fake whiskey being submitted for auction. Ms. Graham-Yooll set up an appointment with the seller, who was submitting these fake whiskey rarities for sale to the auction site, under the pretense of purchasing bottles from the seller’s collection.

Along with experts from Whiskey Auction, Isabel Graham-Yooll kept their appointment at the private residence of the unnamed 41-year-old male and were astounded by the size and depth of the whiskey collection that they were being offered. She was quoted as saying, ‘What we saw at the property was a significant collection, hundreds of bottles, of supposedly valuable liquids that if genuine were unlikely to be available on such a scale.’

After examining bottles from the collection, the Whiskey authorities and Ms. Graham-Yooll noticed inconsistencies in the bottles, labels and color of the contents, ‘It was only when we really examined the bottles that we noticed things, like the labels didn’t look quite right, the color of the liquid didn’t look quite the same as others, or the level of the liquid was just a bit higher than you’d expect for a bottle of that age or producer.’

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Convinced that the collection they had viewed was full of fake whiskey, the Director of Whiskey Auction contacted London’s Metropolitan Police and explained that they had just been offered rarities of fake whiskey valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds if it were real, but they were certain from their investigation that they were forgeries.

Acting on the tip that they received, investigators from London’s Metropolitan Police were the next visitors to the apartment containing the vast collection of rare whiskeys. What the Police found along with the collection of forgeries was bottling equipment, labels and a variety of whiskey that can be purchased anywhere. The unnamed suspect was arrested and is preparing for a court date in April to answer charges relating to fake whiskey that he was offering for sale.

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