The latest US State Department data compiled for the academic year 2015/2016 shows that over 325,000 students leave home to study abroad, a 4% increase over the previous year. The increase of students leaving the US to study abroad is expected to continue its year over year increase as foreign governments offer incentives along with academic scholarships (1).

Studying abroad offers an exciting and valuable opportunity for High School, College and University Students. Studying abroad offers students a unique cultural experience. Along with friends who have grown up with a different world view, the exchange student will gain a life changing perspective by studying in a new culture.

The many opportunities, inter-personal relationships along with the mental challenges of studying abroad provide Students with a life changing perspective. Students must be aware of the rules, laws, and cultural nuances that will affect their everyday life while studying internationally.

Study Abroad Student Alcohol Awareness
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The US State Department offers information about prejudices, laws, cultural differences and hazards that a US International Student may encounter. Country specific threats to US Citizens are listed along with potential health hazards and interactions that may be of danger to United States Citizens. The US Government as well as Insurance Companies that provide the policies for US Students studying abroad provide written material about required vaccines and brochures concerning safety precautions while studying abroad.

Both the US State Department and Insurance Companies fail to provide Students preparing to study outside of the United States with warnings and educational materials concerning the prevalence of the dangerous growth of adulterated, counterfeit and Methanol alcohol poisonings around the world. seeks to fill the void of Alcohol Education for Students studying abroad with their SafeProof Students Initiative. Alcohol Education is an important topic for students both in the US and Internationally.

SafeProof Students provides a unique One on One connection to provide information, raise awareness, provide safety tips, along with resources specific to the dangers of adulterated, counterfeit and Methanol alcohol poisoning. As a leader in illicit alcohol monitoring and manager of an international tip line provides lifesaving advice to students studying abroad.

SafeProof Students is a one on one video call between the Student and a SafeProof Staff member. During the half hour personalized call a SafeProof Staff Member will discuss:

  • Legal Drinking Age in the Country of Interest
  • The dangers of binge drinking
  • Alcohol Enforcement Laws and Penalties
  • Prevalence of Country Specific Fake, Tainted, Adulterated and Counterfeit Alcohol
  • Identifiable Signs of Methanol Poisoning from Fake Alcohol
  • Treatment protocols for methanol poisoning as well as seeking emergency help

The reports of US Students who have died from methanol poisoning is tragic, they are also a preventable death. Knowledge is the first line of defense in saving lives from counterfeit alcohol. Whether a student consumes alcohol or not, being educated about the danger of fake poison alcohol is the best weapon which can save lives.

International students are leaders and influencers. Each one on one Safe Proof Students call makes a positive impact beyond a single student. Participants are encouraged to stay engaged and share their new knowledge with others while remaining aware and vigilant when consuming alcohol abroad.

Current and Enrolling Students that are studying abroad can Sign-Up for a Free SafeProof Students One on One by using the online appointment tool. Once you select a date and time you will receive a confirmation and call link.

(1) United States State Department Study Abroad