Vinings, Georgia

A Sunday lunch after Church is a usually an uneventful relaxing event even with a toddler. The Smith Family had a very eventful and stressed filled lunch when they visited a local restaurant with their eighteen-month-old daughter. This normal Sunday event became a cause for grave concern when the child’s cup contained alcohol instead of apple juice.

‘Everything was normal’ said Alexis Smith, until her spouse picked up the child’s cup to take home with them and decided to taste it. His chest immediately started burning and he knew that it was not apple juice. Mrs. Smith sampled the beverage and the two immediately suspected that it was alcohol. The server was notified, who notified the manager, who notified the owner. The cup was taken away by restaurant staff and an alcohol incident report was given to the Smith Family in its place.

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The owner admitted to The Smith’s that Aaliyah, the toddler, had indeed been served alcohol, blaming the mistake on a mislabeled alcohol container. Although the child only took about three sips according to the mother, this is a grave concern due to the child’s weight. Doctors estimated that Aaliyah’s blood alcohol content was 0.065. In the State of Georgia, the legal limit for an adult is 0.08%, putting the toddler at just under the legal limit.

After a few hours of observation, it was determined that the child was not suffering any lingering effect from her mislabel alcoholic drink.  Mrs. Smith noted that originally the server wanted to put the drink in Aaliyah’s sippy cup which might have had drastic consequences if she sipped on it for hours.

This incident may seem like a once in an eternity incident, SafeProof would like to remind parents and everyone to be mindful of the drinks served at restaurants that serve from a bar and have alcohol on premises.  Mislabeled alcohol is a severe problem when served to adults, when served to children it could be deadly.

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