August 31, 2017

The police in Riau, Indonesia along with the regional prosecutor watched as heavy machinery was used to destroy over 18,000 liters of fake alcohol that was seized in a raid. The demolished fake alcohol represented imitations of the most famous brands of liquor along with lesser known brands. Even with all the different labels that were represented at the destruction of this fake booze which took place at Tribuana Sports Arena of Pekanbaru, it was all made the same way.

The police chief described how these 18,000 liters came into the police hands. Police identified the leader of the fake alcohol ring only by the initials of RM.  In a raid on the home of RS located in Jalan Kulim, Pekanbaru and warehouse under his control located in Jalan Soekarno Hatta, police investigators seized the liquor and pieced together how the enterprise was operated.

RS employs 5 people who begin with drums of tap water, industrial alcohol was then added for potency. Depending which brand liquor, they were trying to counterfeit, the mixing continued adding liquids until the color was a match for the brand liquor they were trying to replicate. When the batch was completed, it was poured into counterfeit liquor bottles, capped by a mounting tool. The bottles were then put in cases and sealed according to liquor code, even replicating the tax stamp.

The Police Chief commented on the destruction of the Fake Alcohol by noting that these mixtures were most dangerous, consuming these concoctions can lead to blindness and death. He recalled that 81 people died in West Java in 2016 from drinking this deadly Fake Alcohol.

We consistently find these stories throughout Asia, Europe and Africa, and rarely in North America and South America. It is not because the problem of fake alcohol is limited to Asia, Europe and Africa, it is because police focus resources into finding and destroying these enterprises. Government Officials are acutely aware of the growing menace of Fake Alcohol in these continents because the number of deaths from Fake Alcohol continues to grow annually.

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