Jakarta, Indonesia

On May 4, 2017, the Tangerang Metro Resort Police raided fake alcohol production near Duren Villa Housing, Karang Tengah Sub-district, Tangerang City. where they uncovered an alcohol production facility in a hidden room. The Tangerang Metro Police Chief Senior Commissioner of Police Harry Kurniawan explained the location, ‘The location is in the room, in the room there is a hidden room. That’s where homeowners produce his fake alcohol.’ Arrested at the scene was Chong Buy Cung, the homeowner.

Inside the secreted room the police discovered evidence in all three stages of alcohol production. Confiscated was 16 drums of cooked Ciu, 23 drums of fermented Ciu, and hundreds of bottles filled and ready for sale. Ciu is an alcohol that is made from sugarcane molasses.

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The Tangerang Metro Resort Police through their spokesperson said that all the equipment needed for the production and bottling of the fake alcohol was confiscated and transported back to the police station via truck. The confiscated equipment included fermenting drums, cooking drums, empty counterfeit liquor bottles, and bottle filling equipment along with the hundreds of bottles ready for market. Senior Commissioner of Police Harry Kurniawan stated, ‘These alcoholic beverages are ready to be circulated, thank God we successfully thwarted before being marketed.’ He also issued a warning to consumers about buying the fake alcohol and putting their health at risk from unknown ingredients.

The Chief noted the inconsistent volume of alcohol in these fake production facilities and the inability of these producers to control the amount of alcohol per bottle.  The arrested producer, Mr. Chung informed police that his bottled alcohol was a 40%, however the chief was skeptical that there can be any consistency from bottle to bottle and advised that it would undergo analysis by police. The volume of alcohol content is a significant danger with fake alcohol.

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