Shunyi, China – March 10, 2017

Detectives watched a transaction occur between two drivers on a remote part of Airport East Road and followed the cars drive away. One car led them to Hejinying, Gaoliying where they discovered a workshop that was re bottling cheap wholesale baijiu liquor into the coveted Yanghe Classic Blue bottles. At this location, the police discovered bottling equipment along with hundreds of recycled empty bottles of Yanghe Classic Blue. Through interrogation the police learned that the bottles were purchased in bulk from local recycling centers, refilled and sold to local supermarkets by the two suspects, Shen and Liu. This operation netted the police 500 bottles of refilled Yanghe Classic Blue valued at 70,000 yuan. (approximately 10,000USD)

While wrapping up the confiscation at the workshop run by Shen and Liu, the police noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming

Yanghe Classic Blue Bottles
Yanghe Classic Blue was refilled with cheap Baijiu and sold

from the neighboring property. Looking over the wall that separated the property, the police discovered an even larger fake booze operation that included production, bottling and packaging. The neighboring workshop was found to contain 10,000 bottles of fake alcohol that were imitating the expensive high-end brands Maotai and Red Star. The value of this neighboring workshop’s production was put at nearly 200,000 yuan (approximately $30,000USD). Although no suspects were immediately available during this search the police did confiscate large containers of fake booze, counterfeit liquor bottles, labels, and already packaged counterfeit liquor bottles ready for sale.

After the confiscations, the police again issued warnings to residents of the ongoing problem of fake booze, its ingredients and the health consequences that can occur from ingesting the unknown chemicals in fake alcohol.  The police warned consumers to check for a Chinese import or manufacture date and location, authentic bottles of alcohol sold in Chinese stores should also be labeled with a serial number. Police also advised to look at the other bottles and see if all the bottles are filled to the same level.

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