August 1, 2018 – Madrid, Spain

The Guardia Civil (Spanish Guard) in Spain is certainly living up to its name by guarding Spaniards from consuming fake Alcohol. On July 31, 2018, Euro Weekly News in a story filed by Dilip Kuner, it was reported than due diligence by the Spanish Guard led to the seizure of 21,000 bottles of the fake rum.

It was reported that the operation began in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cadiz), when Police notice a large shipment of a prestigious brand of rum sold from an importer to an alcohol distributor at a very low price. The wholesale liquor distributor proceeded to sell the cheap fake rum in branded bottles to unsuspecting bars and restaurants. The diligence of the Spanish Guard led to fake alcohol raids and seizures in Valencia, Cadiz, Madrid, Castellon, Merida, Sevilla, Cordoba and Huelva. The over 21,000 bottles of fake rum seized were worth at least €316,000 according to authorities speaking on behalf of the Guardia Civil.

A continuing investigation by the Spanish Guard investigators revealed that the transaction that got the Fake Rum onto Spanish Soil took place between two front companies, one abroad and one in Spain. The Fake Rum was shipped under the cover of phony documentation as well as paperwork that avoided the Vat Tax.

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Fourteen people have been arrested in connection with this ongoing investigation into one of the largest fake alcohol seizures in recent years by Spain’s elite investigative unit of the Civil Guard. After the seizure of the suspected fake rum, laboratory tests conducted by the Guardia Civil confirmed that the branded rum was indeed fake alcohol.

The brand name was not publicized by the Civil Guard which would have been a helpful warning to people who are still in possession of this fake rum. The Civil Guard is to be applauded for their continuing efforts and intensive investigations into fake alcohol in Spain.

In recent months the Civil Guard investigated, dismantled, and arrested four in a fake wine scheme that counterfeited wine bottles, labels and corks. The fake wine gangsters would then fill their fake wine bottles with lesser brands, then sell them as high-end premium wine to private clients and on wine auctions. is a consumer advocacy group, funded through donations from concerned individuals, industry groups and alcohol brands. The goal of is to raise awareness about the prevalence of counterfeit alcohol throughout the world. Our Alcohol Articles highlight alcohol related stories using worldwide news outlets and official government sources. Report any illicit alcohol activity to us using our secure form or by calling (833) SAFE-TIP To get the latest Alcohol Alerts and violation updates in your area Sign-up for emails and follow us on Twitter @SafeProof also on Instagram @SafeProof