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SafeProof.org is a consumer advocacy organization dedicated to the safe consumption of alcoholic beverages. Founded by concerned individuals who have encountered the unhealthy effects of counterfeit alcohol, SafeProof.org aggregates information on alcohol news from around the world. We offer informative Alcohol Articles, Alcohol Enforcement News, Alcohol Abuse Resources, and Alcohol Alerts. Keeping you and your drink safe is the goal of SafeProof.org.

A major component of the SafeProof.org mission is to provide a tip line where consumers and readers can report illicit alcohol occurrences. SafeProof.org acts as a clearing house for tips. We report these tips to be investigated by law enforcement agencies and producers throughout the world with a hope of stopping illegal alcohol in its tracks.

You can anonymously send in a tip about fake alcohol, counterfeit booze, or establishments that are diluting drinks, refilling liquor bottles, charging for premium brands as well as substituting with a lower grade brand. SafeProof.org will notify the appropriate agency to investigate your tip. When a tip concerns a specific brand, as they often do, SafeProof.org notifies the producer of that brand making them aware that they are being targeted.

Report Adulterated Alcohol
Report Counterfeit and Adulterated Alcohol Tips to the SafeProof.org National Tip Lines

Over the past year SafeProof.org has received tips from around the world ranging from retail establishments that cheat customers by refilling high end liquor bottles with less expensive substitutes to consumers who believe they purchased fake alcohol. Many of our tips come from bartenders and employees of bars who have witnessed or been instructed to engage in the practice of refilling liquor bottles. Although this practice of refilling liquor bottles is the most prevalent of the tips that are received, they are not the most disconcerting.

In our Alcohol News section, we report on stories from around the world on the deadly effects of fake alcohol. These poisonous concoctions are made by counterfeiters who have a total disregard for the health and life of people. We have reported on adulterated alcohol incidents that have blinded and killed people around the world from Indonesian to Great Britain, from Bali to Greece.

Although refilling liquor bottles is the predominate tip received at SafeProof.org, it is not the only kind of tip that readers have sent to our 24 Hour Tip Line. Some tips that we have received globally on the  SafeProof.org Tip Line include:

  • 5 Star Restaurants substituting cheaper liquor for premium liquor
  • Suspected counterfeit Wine being sold
  • Fake Whiskey being sold in supermarkets
  • Counterfeit popular brands being sold in liquor stores 
  • Bartenders refilling unknown spirits into brand bottles
  • Water being added to shots
  • Refilling Liquor bottles at National Restaurant Chains

To be an effective advocate in curbing alcohol fraud, counterfeiting, and the production of fake alcohol with poisonous ingredients, SafeProof.org needs your help. Readers of SafeProof.org are encouraged to participate with comments, sending in tips and donating to SafeProof.org to further our efforts of safe alcohol consumption. SafeProof.org maintains a database of alcohol enforcement agencies throughout the world. You can anonymously send in a tip about fake alcohol, counterfeit booze, or establishments that are diluting drinks, refilling liquor bottles, charging for premium brands and substituting with a lower grade brand. SafeProof will notify the appropriate agency to investigate your tip.

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Saving lives and protecting the health of others is everyone’s business. To continue to gather the evidence SafeProof.org asks readers to tell us your story. If you, a friend, or a relative, have had an experience with what you suspect was poison alcohol, we want to know. Report any illicit alcohol activity to us using our secure form or by calling (833) SAFE-TIP.

If you work for, deliver to or have access to bars, clubs or retail establishments and have had an experience concerning illicit alcohol, tell us your story. Report adulterated alcohol to SafeProof.

SafeProof.org is a consumer advocacy group, funded through donations from concerned individuals, industry groups and alcohol brands. The goal of SafeProof.org is to raise awareness about the prevalence of counterfeit alcohol throughout the world. Our Alcohol Articles highlight alcohol related stories using worldwide news outlets and official government sources. Report Counterfeit Alcohol activity to us using our secure form or by calling (833) SAFE-TIP To get the latest Alcohol Alerts and violation updates in your area Sign-up for SafeProof.org emails and follow us on Twitter @SafeProof and also on Instagram @SafeProof