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Gin Bombay Sapphire
Bottles of Bombay Sapphire Gin had the wrong proof

Alcohol being in made in basements, garages, and warehouses that is then packaged to look like authentic alcohol.  Sometimes this fake or tainted gin, vodka, run, scotch, whiskey… is unwittingly sold in stores or served in clubs and bars, but often it is with the full participation of the retailer who has increased profits on their mind. The obvious pitfalls of consuming fake alcohol include health concerns from consuming unknown ingredients including deadly chemicals.

Even if the brand of alcohol is imitated with high quality ingredients, which is rarely the case, the “Proof” of the final product is not standardized, therefore it is not a SAFE PROOF beverage. Alcohol is a poison and standardization in acholic beverages is essential for safe and educated consumption.  Even the best of acholic beverage brands must be constantly aware to Safe Proof their beverages.

A popular brand of Gin, Bombay Sapphire, recently experienced a recall by Canadian authorities because the stated proof of the gin in the bottle did not match the proof that was indicated on the bottle. The problem happened during production by a third-party bottler. A batch of Bombay’s London Dry Gin was bottled before being properly diluted thus increasing the proof per bottle to 77% instead of the 40% as stated on the label.

Upon receiving a consumer complaint, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigated and discovered that the gin was not Safe Proof. On May 4, 2017, a recall of London Dry Gin in 1.14-liter bottles with the product code L16304 W and the UPC 6 20213 19020 8 was issued because of excessive alcohol. As of this writing, the Canadian are still investigating Bacardi products to be sure this was an isolated incident affecting only one brand and distributed only in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

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Bombay Sapphire is a Bacardi Limited brand, which also has Grey Goose Vodka and Dewar’s in its portfolio of alcoholic beverages which it distributes throughout 160 Countries.  Addressing the recall for Bacardi was spokeswoman Amy Federman, who was quoted as saying. “The over-proof product inadvertently entered the bottling line during a short period of time when they were switching from one bottling tank to another bottling tank.”

What this means to the consumer of Alcoholic beverages is that Safe Proof matters whoever the distiller.

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