Kuta, Bali March 27,2017

A 38-year-old mother staying at a luxury resort, Peppers Seminyak on the island of Bali apparently died of alcohol poisoning after drinking 27 Shots of Vodka within a few hours. Jean Simmons, identified as a mother of 5 from Mossman in Queensland, Australia was on Holiday with two other women. The Kutra Police responded to a distress call in front of Ms. Simmons Villa where they found the woman collapsed, unconscious, and without vital signs.

The Police investigation revealed the following details. Ms. Simmons and her two companions began drinking vodka began drinking vodka at their villa, where it is estimated that Jean Simmons consumed 21 shots of vodka. As the evening approached it was related to police that the mother of five drank another six shots of vodka while preparing to go out for the evening.  She went back to her Villa to get money for the night where she began violently vomiting.

When her friends arrived at the Villa occupied by Ms. Simmons they found her unconsciously and unresponsive at the entrance way. While summoning help, the two friends began CPR, but failed to revive her. Police arrived with medical assistance who also tried CPR to no avail. Police at first suspected unlicensed arak, however after examining the vodka bottles from which the three women drank they are convinced that it was real vodka which poised the woman.

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This incident happened on the eve of the Hindu Balinese New Year, which this year falls on March 28,2017. Ahead of the New Year the Police of Kuta and throughout the Island have been stepping up efforts to raid and confiscate the illegal and potent arak which is a favorite of the Balinese for the Holiday. In the past bootlegged arak has led to deaths among tourist on the idyllic Island and officials were making a concerted effort this year to make sure that it did not happen again this year. They were awaiting official autopsy results to confirm that the death of Jean Simmons was from an alcohol overdose caused by the consumption of vodka.

Alcohol overdose may seem uncommon, it is not. In the USA, an average of 2200 people a year die from alcohol overdose from legal liquor. Throughout the world thousands of people die from illegal, deadly, poisonous fake alcohol as well as those that die from legally produced alcohol.

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