Kolkata, India – September 23, 2017

The festival of Durga Puja in Kolkata was marred by Counterfeit Spirits in the form of Fake Alcohol.  The first tip off came to police from the red-light district of Sonagachi with reports of people falling ill after consuming alcohol. Enforcement Branch Officials could trace the purchases to the hoarders within the market.  As police investigated they discovered that the hoarders were producing, bottling and labeling the spirituous liquor that was offered for sale throughout the area in preparation for festival

Police were continuing their investigation to stop widespread distribution. The liquor being counterfeited ranged from low end brands to more expensive brands running the gamut from whiskey to rum. Police officials commented on the taste of this latest in a long series of fake alcohol enterprises that have plagued Kolkata and Mumbai, ” Apparently, the liquor is made with a fine mixture of chemicals without compromising with the original taste and flavor of that brand. The labels can also easily pass off as original.”

All confiscated bottles of these Counterfeit Spirits were being sent for extensive testing to ascertain the exact chemicals used to replicate the brands that are being represented by this counterfeit liquor. Along with the bottled fake liquor, police also discovered a large volume of processed industrial alcohol which was being stored apparently to produce more of the fake liquors. No suspects have been arrested in this latest seizure and confiscation. The high quality of the counterfeit liquor bottles, gave police concern that the fake liquors will make their way to big retail outlets throughout the area.

Police noted the similarities to another fake liquor producing gang case that was prosecuted in Delhi in 2011. In that case one of the major operatives of the gang was Narender Chopra who supplied fake bottle caps, stickers and labels, with branches in Mumbai and Kolkata.

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