Kfar Bara, Israel – April 26, 2018

Acting on a tip, Israeli Border Police executed a raid in the small town of Kfar Bara in pursuit of a fake alcohol factory. Entering the building, once used as a hanger, Israeli Border Police found a large fake alcohol factory. Among the dust and debris, police found various setups with various blends of fake alcohol, as well as machines for forging bottles of known brands of liquors. Also discovered were forgeries of brand name labels, caps and corks.

This fake alcohol located in the village of 3500 inhabitants near the Green Line in the Sharon region of central Israel, did not specialize in any one brand. It was an all inclusive fake alcohol operation that produced vodka, whiskey and wine.

Police waited for the owner of the factory to arrive to begin confiscating the large cache of fake vodka, counterfeit whiskey and imitation wine. An exact amount of confiscated fake alcohol was not immediately released by police, it did take several hours and trucks to haul away the evidence.

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Police noted that fake alcohol was a serious crime that not only did economic damage, it also jeopardized the health of those consuming these products. This factory along with its unfit for human consumption ingredients was also an unsanitary setting for any product that would be ingested by people. Along with filthy, vats, tubes, floors and machinery, the fake alcohol factory used dirty bottles and caps.

People warned consumers and retailers that purchasing fake alcohol at inexpensive prices was not a bargain, but rather a gamble. Fake alcohol made with unsafe ingredients can lead to an array of degenerative diseases affecting vital organs as well as blindness and death.

The name of the owner taken into custody was not released. The investigation is ongoing as police determine the retail outlet that were purchasing the fake alcohol for resale to the public.

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