August 8, 2018 – Zakynthos, Greece

Alcohol destined to be served in the bars on Zakynthos was confiscated by police for testing. The Police seized approximately 300 liters of alcohol in hand labeled 5-liter plastic bottles. The simple printed stick on labels applied to the plastic containers included the words, gin, vodka, rum and other mixed drinks. Seizures were made at two locations, one was 60 of the 5-liter bottles, while the other had 2 of the 5-liter bottles seized.

While some police officials are denying that there is a poison alcohol problem at the bars and clubs on the Greek Islands, other Greek authorities in an anonymous quote published in Greece. in relation to the confiscation said, “a significant and effective move against the smuggling and adulteration of drinks”.

Illicit bottles of alcohol in Greece
Unverified confiscated bottles of ‘alcohol’ from Greece

While disputing that the story of the 17 poisoned teens is true, the raids took place one day after their story was published in the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom. All 17 youths claimed that they became violently ill after drinking in the bars on the strip of Laganas. The boys claim that they were taken to two Greek Hospitals and were immediately treated for methanol poisoning.

Although one of the 17 British Teens took a picture of the others being treated at the hospital, the Hospital authorities are now denying that any admissions took place. Most of the teens were also seen at UK hospitals upon their return, so those records will not mysteriously disappear.

Despite many other stories over the years of tourists sickened by methanol poisoning in Greece, authorities are now rejecting these claims as fake news. “This is a lie, nobody was hospitalized, nobody was poisoned” Zakynthos Mayor Pavlos Kolokotsas told private STAR TV on Monday. “The more we talk about it, the more we harm our tourism and our Greece,” 

After reporting on the 17 British Teens, The Sun sent an undercover reporter to Laganas to investigate with methanol test kits. The reporters test concluded that the test kit detected highly toxic methanol liquor in a drink purchased at a Laganas Club. We are awaiting the story and the test results from his visit to the party strip on the Greek Island of Zakynthos.

Zakynthos Greece
Zakynthos Port is a popular tourist destination in Greece

The Police visits that led to the confiscation of alcohol was going on at the same time that other authorities including the General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands and the police chief of the Zakynthos Police Department were claiming that after contacting doctors and administrators at the Zakynthos General Hospital that no incidents regarding methanol poisoning on the night claimed by the 17 British Teens were recorded in the log book.

This is the same hospital that treated 20-year-old Hannah Powell, who became blind and suffered severe kidney damage after a night of clubbing on Laganas. We know that there are records of her stay, as it was prolonged, and she was transferred from Zakynthos General Hospital to a UK Hospital.

Reacting to a negative effect on Greek Tourism, authorities now seem to be circling the wagons to protect their vested interest in British Tourist dollars. Methanol Poising is a serious health issue. If dodgy booze poisoned by methanol is being served, it is vital that people are made aware of it.

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