December 29, 2018 – London, England, UK

Recapping a year of dodgy booze seizures throughout the United Kingdom, the Local Government Council (LGA) sent out their New Year Greetings to consumers in the form of a stark warning, Beware of Fake Vodka. Following fake vodka seizures throughout the year from retailers, home based sellers, pubs and production facilities by Councils throughout the UK, the LGA reminded consumers of the deadly consequences of consuming dodgy booze.

The LGA reiterated that consumers should be aware of the obvious telltale of dodgy booze. Vodka is a favorite among consumers, so naturally it is a favorite of the fake vodka alcohol producers searching for quick profits.

Based on past confiscations of fake vodka, consumers are warned by LGA that signs fake vodka include:

  • A strong smell of nail polish or varnish
  • Unfamiliar Brand Names
  • Crooked Labels on the bottles
  • Spelling Mistakes on the labels
  • Different fill levels on the same brand
  • Sediment at the bottom of the bottle
  • A price that is unrealistic

Throughout 2018 the 370 councils in England and Wales that is represented by the LGA have seized dodgy booze including fake vodka that has contained industrial strength levels of alcohol, often methanol, that can lead to vomiting, blindness, kidney, liver and organ damage and death. Throughout the year bottles of dodgy booze seized and analyzed by enforcement agencies throughout the UK have revealed fake vodka that contained ethyl acetate, a component of glues and nail polish removers that can lead to organ damage as well as lifelong health problems if consumed.

This warning by the LGA was specifically issued by LGA before the New Year to raise awareness among not only the everyday drinker, but also among those who are once a year drinker to celebrate the new year.

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Each year efforts are raised to attack the fake alcohol trade that is pervasive throughout the UK, yet each year the problem seems to expand. Alcohol fraud throughout the UK is now estimated to cost the legitimate brands over £1bn per year. In terms of health care costs from those affected by consuming fake alcohol, or lost revenue from duties officials can only render a wild guess.

What is certain is that consuming dodgy booze not only in the form of fake vodka, but in all its forms, including wine and beer can lead to life changing health events, including death.

Vice Chairman of the LGA, Councillor Morris Bright was quoted in the warning, “It’s appalling that rogue traders selling illegal alcohol are willing to play roulette with the health and well-being of their customers by prioritizing quick profits above safety.” He continued to highlight the warning, “anyone buying alcohol needs to look out for signs it could be fake because it could leave them seriously ill and, in extreme cases, cost them their life.

“People are advised to only buy alcohol from reputable outlets and be wary of any items being sold at suspiciously cheap prices, as they could be counterfeit.” is a consumer advocacy group, funded through donations from concerned individuals, industry groups and alcohol brands. The goal of is to raise awareness about the prevalence of counterfeit alcohol throughout the world. Our Alcohol Articles highlight alcohol related stories using worldwide news outlets and official government sources. Report any illicit alcohol activity to us using our secure form or by calling 1 (833) SAFE-TIP To get the latest Alcohol Alerts and violation updates in your area Sign-up for emails and follow us on Twitter @SafeProof also on Instagram @SafeProof