United Kingdom – October 3, 2017

The United Kingdom, along with the rest of Europe continues to be plagued by fake alcohol containing methanol. This industrial alcohol derivative is commonly referred to as wood alcohol because it used to be mainly distilled from wood. It is a common and cheap alcohol used in industrial applications and is very toxic when ingested. As little as 4 ml has been known to cause blindness. Methanol when ingested in daily tiny amounts is destructive to primary organs, kidney, liver, heart and acts upon the nervous system.

October begins the 4th quarter of the year, containing the most holidays and the most consumption of holiday cheer. The last two

Vodka made illegally from washer fluid
Windshield washer fluid was used to make fake vodka

holiday seasons saw a considerable number of deaths throughout Europe related to fake alcohol consumption, most notably fake vodka. The counterfeit vodka that caused deaths in Siberia, Ireland, England, and across the Continent, was mostly made using industrial methanol.

The amount of fake vodka, fake gin, and all fake alcohol is so significant that the importation of methanol comes in tanker trucks full of windscreen washer fluid. A special Team of Customs Agents in the UK, were charged with tracking down the fake alcohol production facilities in Northern England and Scotland. A glimpse into the extent of the fake alcohol operations was given when a customs official, attached to the Team in Scotland, noted that the alcohol gangs import their raw alcohol from other countries in the form of tanker trucks. They purchased tanker trucks from Portugal and Spain containing Windshield Screen Fluid.

The windshield washer fluid contains the coveted methanol that the fake alcohol producers need to make their counterfeit gin, dodgy vodka and fake booze. Using a product liked windshield washer fluid is ideal for these bootleg alcohol enterprises, it offers them a cheap methanol with little processing labor involved. The industrial windscreen fluid is processed until they are left with a clear liquid which they can then use to replicate any clear spirit such as gin or vodka.

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The average tanker truck in Europe holds 9,000 gallons of liquid.  When the customs agents note that the tanker trucks are being imported from Spain and Portugal, it is a good indication at the size of the illegal alcohol trade when these alcohol gangs can process trucks that contain 9000 gallons. These gangs are only concerned with how many bottles of fake booze they can make and distribute as cheaply as possible. They are not concerned with the health effects of those consuming these deadly beverages.

With the holidays approaching, it is again time for urgent warnings to those seeking good cheer in bars, clubs, and pubs throughout the Continent to be aware of what you consume. Your first defense against fake alcohol is common sense, if it’s too cheap something is wrong. Your senses are your next defense, smell before you drink, methanol has a slightly sweeter smell that authentic alcohol. Take a small sip at first, let your taste buds do their job detecting unusual tastes.

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