Duisberg, Germany – March 30.2017

The North Rhine-Westphalia Department of Consumer Protection announced that their agents seized over 1,000 bottles of liquid labeled as Diamond Vodka in a search that was conducted in February. Two men were arrested along with the seizure of the 1028 bottles after a search was conducted. The two men arrested were only identified by age, one 48-year-old and one 60-year-old male were placed in custody.

After testing, the liquid in the bottles labeled as Diamond Vodka were found to contain 15g of methanol per litre. If the alcohol content of these bottles were legal, safe alcohol, the alcohol content is 400 times the legal limit. Methanol, being a toxic form of alcohol can be fatal. Consumption of as little as 4 ml of methanol can lead to blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage. The consumption of excess qualities of methanol leads to sickness and death.

Often when people end up at the hospital emergency department after becoming sick from methanol, medical personnel begin treating for alcohol poisoning from binge drinking. Methanol poising is more serious that binge drinking, as the methanol attacks eyes, nerves and kidneys.

The North Rhine-Westphalia Department of Consumer Protection Agents saved a lot of people from sickness and possible death by removing these 1028 bottles from the distribution supply before they could be consumed. This successful operation by the agents highlights the disregard of these fake alcohol producers for human safety. To place 15g of alcohol per bottle in their counterfeit liquor shows total disregard for human life and the maximum penalties should be considered.

Therefore, it is important for anyone who has information regarding fake alcohol production and distribution is encouraged to submit tips to enforcement agencies to stop this poison from reaching, bars, pubs and retail stores. One tip might save a life.

SafeProof.org maintains a database of alcohol enforcement agencies around the world. You can submit your tip anonymously concerning any illegal alcohol production, distribution or sale to SafeProof.org, your tip will then be routed to the proper agency.

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