Prosecutor displaying fake alcohol

August 9,2017 – Newcastle, England

Shopkeeper Najeb Kosar, proprietor of J & A Mini Market located at 813-815 Welbeck Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne UK faced the magistrates for liquor violations regarding selling fake vodka.  Mr. Kosar faces a license revocation as the result of being found guilty of offering for sale counterfeit liquor.

In December 2016, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs raided J&A Mini Market as part of an area wide sweep to stop the sale of fake alcohol and tax evasion. Inside J&A Mini Market the agents found 28 bottles of High Commissioner Whiskey that had fake rear labels. In May of 2016 Mr. Kosar was found guilty of these charges and ordered to pay a fine of £761 in relation to that case.

Those charges are not the only faced by Mr. Kosar and J&A Mini Market which now awaits the court’s decision on a license revocation relating to another inspection by the authorities. In February of last year, Trading Standards, received a tip that untaxed cigarettes and liquor was being sold from behind the counter of J&A Mini Market. During the investigation, there were no suspicious cigarettes found, however, 37 bottles of Glen’s vodka and 25 bottles of Smirnoff vodka were seized by the Officers and sent to Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverages company for testing.

The test results from Diageo revealed that the 62 bottles of confiscated liquor was indeed fake alcohol in sealed genuine bottles but with fake labels. J&A Mini Market continues to rack up violations for fake alcohol, so the court is now charged with revoking the license for this establishment. Aside from the tax evasion the actions of Mr. Kosar puts the health of his customers at risk by selling them fake alcohol with unknown contents.

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