August 11, 2017 – Birkenhead, UK

Mailvaganam Sathakaran, a shopkeeper in Birkenhead, was found guilty by a jury of the Liverpool Crown Court in relation to charges of selling fake vodka. The trail is the result of a raid with a search warrant on November 10,2015, Helen Richardson, Prosecutor informed the jury. Trading standards officer Heidi Jones went to R.S. Food and Wine owned by Mr. Sathakaran is located at 62 Derby Road, Birkenhead, near St. Catherine’s Health Center.

Officer Jones executed the search at 62 Derby Road and discovered 336 Bottles in seven boxes labeled as Glens Vodka, and another 18 bottles of the same behind the counter. The bottles were seized and samples were sent for expert analysis which revealed that the contents were indeed not Glen’s Vodka.

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 Mr. Sathakaran who has run R.S. Wine and Food for 4 years, offered as his defense that he purchased from a distributor who visited his shop and offered him the best price on Glen’s Vodka and even included free cases of Coke. He did produce an invoice with a business name of KP Wholesale operating from West Bromwich, however a check through Companies House and a VAT checker revealed no such business was registered.

After his more than 2 years long defense, Mailvaganam Sathakaran,42, was found guilty and accrued fines totaling £4,000 and no longer runs the business. The judge, Recorder Olivia Magennis told Mr. Sathakara that it was his responsibility to ensure that the liquor he was selling was legitimate and met all the standards, which he did not do. Regardless of the invoice, which is questionable, the facts remain that vodka that was labeled Glen’s Vodka was not Glen’s Vodka and was sold to the public creating a serious health risk.

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