Northumberland County, England September-7-2017

The Trading Standards Officers have seized many bottles of fake vodka from Pubs throughout Northumberland Pubs. The fake vodka, when analyzed, showed that it contained industrial alcohol.  Industrial alcohol is distilled ethyl alcohol, dangerous and deadly when consumed. Ethyl alcohol is produced for use as a sterilizer and cleaner. It is also used in manufacturing products such as explosives, adhesives, industrial cleaners, and cologne. Ethyl alcohol is considered a poison an is not for human consumption as it can cause severe internal burns and death.

The bottles seized were counterfeit liquor bottles that replicated the bottles and labels of Smirnoff Vodka and Glens Vodka, two popular brands in the pubs of Northern England. Trading Standards Officers told the Northumberland County Council, that all the pubs from which the fake Smirnoff Vodka, and fake Glens vodka were seized could not produce the purchasing invoices. He pub owners all told the same story to the Officers, that they purchased the fake Smirnoff vodka and fake Glens Vodka from itinerant salesmen at a much lower price than they can purchase it from through approved distributors.

The Trading Standards Officers notified the Northumberland County Officials, who were outraged by the news and admitted that they do not yet know how large the problem is throughout the pubs in the County. County Council Officials said that they will look in to removing the licenses of the worst offenders. Pub owners were urged to turn in or destroy the fake Smirnoff Vodka and Glens vodka and to only buy from reputable sources.

This is another example of profit over health. It is cheaper for the Pub owners to buy counterfeit vodka from an unknown source then to buy from approved distributors and pay the alcohol tax, but it is at the expense of the health of their patrons who will suffer if not immediate, certainly long term health problems from ingesting unknow chemicals.

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