Smirnoff Vodka because of its popularity and affordable price has been a popular premium brand for alcohol counterfeiters. These fake or refilled bottles pose a potentially deadly public health risk. The vodka is made illegally and can have deadly methanol alcohol as a result of improper distilling and additives.

A top rated Indian restaurant in Sandy, UK was cited in August, 2017 for serving customers fake Smirnoff Vodka. To view the fake vodka alert or search for other establishments use our liquor violation search tool.The restaurant was found after lab tests confirmed the fake alcohol which may have been served as far back as Christmas of 2016. The operation was run by Bedfordshire officers which included 40 locations according to a statement by the Council’s public protection team.

This case is not unique in the UK and Europe when it comes to Smirnoff Vodka. The bottles and labels are readily available allowing them to illegally be reused or created for unofficial manufacturing. Be sure to pay close attention to the label and bottle when purchasing a bottle of vodka. The glass bottle should be clear without scratches or scuff marks. The label’s color and brand logo should be crisp and even.

SafeProof always advises consumers to take a minute to study their favorite bottles at home or at the liquor store. The best tip is to drink alcoholic beverages you are familiar with and if possible try neat or basic drinks first. As an example having a Smirnoff with club soda first you will have a better chance to detect if anything is wrong provided it is a brand you drink regularly.

Please follow the drink safety tips on Fake Alcohol to stay safe. Many top rated restaurants, bars and clubs in all countries have been found in violation of liquor laws. Don’t be caught off guard.