August 22, 2017

Agents from the Irish Tax and Customs ‘Revenue’ department seized over 130 gallons of tainted alcohol.

Fake Smirnoff Vodka Cork, Ireland
Counterfeit Smirnoff Vodka seized in Ireland

The counterfeit booze included: Sangria, Beer and Wine. The retail value of the seized fake alcohol was estimated at $8,000 USD. The illicit shipment of alcohol was found in Dublin Port and was hidden inside a consignment of soft drinks and snacks from Portugal.

The Irish Revenue department just yesterday seized 18 liters of Counterfeit Smirnoff Vodka in Cork, Ireland. has reported numerous times that Vodka is the most counterfeited liquor due to its popularity and simpler distilling process. Tainted Vodka often contains high quantities of methanol, a poisonous chemical that can cause breathing difficulties, liver damage or blindness and isopropyl alcohol, a chemical solvent commonly found in nail varnish remover.

Follow our Fake Alcohol detection tips and always be suspicious of low cost ‘premium’ spirits. Carefully inspect labels and make sure the glass bottles are authentic and have no unusual marks. goal is to raise tainted alcohol awareness to keep both you and your drinks safe. Please provide tips via our secure tip submission form or call Toll Free (833) SAFE-TIP
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