August 24, 2018 – Fort Worth, TX

Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka is rekindling the roots of the American Old West with the purity of an organic distillation process. Crafted deep in the Heart of Texas using organic dextrose derived from the Cassava Root, HHA Vodka, beckons to the rebel spirit within us all.

Recalling the days of the Old West, when the water, air, food, liquor was still pure, this premium naturally flavored vodka is crafted from the healthiest ingredients. This Western Vodka begins with natural cassava root which is air dried then crushed into Tapioca Starch. The saccharification of the organic tapioca starch combines with naturally occurring enzymes to produce double the amount of fermentable sugars than grains used in producing other distilled products. This vodka owes it smooth, sweet taste to the richness coupled with the diversity of the naturally occurring sugars in the fermentation of the tapioca starch.

Hells Half Acre Organic Vodka HHA
Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka is an award winning Organic Vodka from Texas

There weren’t any shortcuts for the Cowboys who rode the Trail, long hard days were expected, as they looked forward to the rewards of money, liquor along with women at the end of the road. There aren’t any short cuts in making a crafted vodka, after taking the time to distill it 6 times, the result is a smooth, pure, refined spirit that is perfectly balanced every time.

Hell bent on producing the best vodka on the market, the distillers of Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka patiently wait like cowboys riding the trail, as the vodka goes through a 21-plate copper column, an intricate reverse osmosis process, a methodical balance of copper reflux columns, stainless steel pots while the distilled alcohol from the organic tapioca starch is blended with purified Texas water.

At the end of the distillation trail, the resulting vodka would be good enough for most distillers, not at Hell’s Half Acre. The resulting perfectly blended vodka is filtered through Texas charcoal to remove impurities, then filtered a second time using a unique freeze filtration process to double check its purity. Only after testing, which includes tasting, as well as checking the proof for consistency, is this vodka ready to go into the iconic bottles with a unique cork cap to be called Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka This is the smoothest purest, naturally organic, Kosher Certified, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Best Texas Made Vodka since 1885. Vodka that is tough enough for a Cowboy, yet smooth enough for a Lady.

Hells Half Acre 1885 Vodka label
The HHA 1885 Vodka Label

Why call the best vodka made in Texas since 1885, Hell’s Half Acre? The simple answer is authenticity. This was the authentic red-light district with bordellos, saloons with gambling parlors just off the Chisholm Trail. Hell’s Half Acre, officially Fort Worth, Texas, is where the West begins. Just off the Trinity River where cattle were herded for cattle drives, it was referred to as “Cowtown”, today “Funky Town”.

Established around 1870, this epitome of a wild west town drew larger than life characters who were authentic in their pursuit of living. This wild west town is known to have hosted outlaws, cattle rustlers, cowboys, harlots along with lawmen who tried to keep the peace. In this liquor drinking town, the peace was often achieved by drinking liquor, “and it better be good”, was a phrase heard often in Hell’s Half Acre.

The most infamous figures in the history of the West were known to visit, live, gamble, drink, as well as seek the company of women in this colorful town. Mythical figures from the Old West who could be seen in the saloons of this rough and tumble town included, Wyatt Earp, The Sundance Kid, Doc Holliday, Butch Cassidy along with The Wild Bunch. It was also a meeting place where outlaw gangs who met to plan and execute bank or stagecoach robberies as well as cattle rustling. The folks of Hell’s Half Acre lived life to the on the edge. Cowboys, Rustlers, Lawmen, Businessmen, Robbers, Business Women, as well as Ladies engaged in the Entertainment Industry of the era, were all part of the uneasy fabric of the life in in this larger than life town. Saloons dared not sell anything but the finest liquor to the folks of this Western Town, no watered-down liquor here. It might have been common in other towns throughout the West, it was not acceptable here. “It Better Be Good”, was a phrase that was probably coined in this slice of hell, so any liquor made there better be the best.

Bottle of Hells Half Acre Vodka
HHA 1885 Bottle, a new Texas Vodka

Deciding to stir up the ghosts of the Wild West with a new Texas Vodka, the founders of this distillery were fully aware that this vodka had to be good. Kara Newman, Spirits Editor of Wine Enthusiast reviewed HHA in its 2017 Best of the Year Issue as “unusual vodka shows distinctive sweetness……. light vanilla scent and hints of dulce de leche, almond and vanilla on the creamy palate, plus cinnamon sizzle on the finish. Best Buy”. Member
HHA Vodka is a Member, supporting awareness and authenticity

Since the introduction of 1885 Vodka it is not known if it made its way to the graves of the legendary figures of the Old West. We do know that the vodka has garnered a loyal following, it was recently honored as a Double Gold Medal Winner at the 2017 San Diego Spirits Festival, A Gold Medal Winner at the 2017 New York International Spirits Competition as well as the 2017 SIP Award – Product Packaging. The Denver International Spirit Competition awarded Hell’s Half Acre 1885 a Silver Medal, while at the Berlin International Spirits Competition it was awarded a bronze medal.

HHA 1885 Vodka is held to the standards of the organic roots of the Old West delivering a vodka that is authentic, unadulterated, natural, multifaceted, along with an even consistency. Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka is carefully crafted under the watchful eyes of master craft distillers to ensure a quality vodka that maintains a consistent alcohol proof.

HHA Vodka is a sustaining member of, a consumer advocacy group funded through donations from concerned individuals, industry groups and alcohol brands. The goal of is to raise awareness about the prevalence of counterfeit alcohol throughout the world. 

Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka supports the mission of by maintaining high standards of distillation and testing to ensure that it is a safe, healthy alcoholic beverage for adults of legal drinking age to enjoy.

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If you suspect any tampering, counterfeiting, mislabeling, or substitution occurring at a retail location concerning Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka, Report It to us using our secure form or by calling (833) Safe-Tip. is dedicated to keeping Hell’s Half Acre 1885 Vodka safe and authentic.

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