April 11,2018 – Lagos, Nigeria

As the result of Community tips, Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, led a raid on a factory that was producing fake malt and stout drinks. Praising the confidence that the Police have received from the Community near Igbogbo Bayeku area of Ikorodu, the Chief noted that unsuspecting consumers were protected from these poisonous brews.

The factory was producing fake malt liquor, fake alcoholic stout drinks and ethanol in massive quantities under extremely unhygienic conditions. The brews were found around the raided property in large filthy plastic barrels, both indoors and outdoors. The unwashed barrels used to ferment the fake malt and stout liquors had dirt, grease and oil residues inside and outside. Some were covered with sheets of filthy plastic, while others remained uncovered throughout the process.

Fake Malt Liquor Nigeria
Illicit malt liquor being produced in barrels

The Chief noted that five suspects were arrested, however he believes they need to find more. From preliminary investigations and interviews with the Community, Police have learned that the raided site had a steady stream of trucks transporting the barrels. “Trucks come in here and load and take the brews to another location where they are canned and bottled. We want to extend our investigation and discover those areas so that we ensure that in the entire process we round them all up.”, noted Chief Imohimi.

As the Nigerian economy continues to expand, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is on the rise. The National Government has imposed high taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco, which make both ripe for bootlegging and counterfeiting. With the average minimum wage earner only able to buy a couple of cans of authentic Malt Liquor or Stout, cheaper fake Malt Liquors and Stouts are appealing. This operation was bottling and canning their filthy brew to look like authentic products, which are offered at a fraction of the cost as the authentic name brands.

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Chief Edgal Imohimi said, “What is most worrisome is that they are bottling and canning it as if they are produced by reputable companies that deal on the product. I call for additional vigilance. We are going to take samples of each of the various fake drinks being concocted here. We are going to give samples to NAFDAC and DNA lab at Lagos Island for analysis.”

The Chief called the operation a success reiterated that the Police rely on tips and information from the public to stop fake liquor producers who are profiting without regard to the health and safety of their clients.

The Nigeria Police are continuing to investigate this syndicate in hopes of locating and raiding the canning and bottling facility.

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